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Upcoming Deadlines
by Mark Todd - Friday, 6 May 2016, 12:55 PM

Dear Students,

Listed below are the confirmed deadlines of assessments for this term.
Make sure that each of your works is submitted before the deadline.
HND in Business:

July 22nd: W18, LH19, LH23, WH24, CW9, CW18, W20, LH21, LH22, PR11, PR12, LH8, WH9, WH10, CW4, PR10, PR4, PR5, EV4, EV5 & EV6.

July 28th: EV7

August 9th: PR13 & PR14

HND in Computing and Systems Development:

July 22nd: WH6, PR5, WH4, PR3

HND in Travel and Tourism Management:

July 22nd 2016: Batches: LH11, WH12, LH13, CW5, CW6, WH6, CW2, EV3 & EV4